Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank you for honoring Badge's purpose

A reminder: "A Badge of Honor" was created so that people who have experienced unchristlike behavior at so-called Christian online groups and forums, may have a place to report this behavior. The intention is that two things may then happen: The person targeted by such behavior has the opportunity to tell the truth about what happened to him/her (since such venues often shroud their behavior in secrecy), and, through informing other Christians of what happens on these sites, positive change may be effected as members of such groups insist on more christlike behavior from their group leaders and one another.

The purpose of this site has been honored by those who have submitted stories and, for the most part, by those who have submitted comments to them. As always, comments are still welcome (with the exception of one non-story entry for which it is clearly posted that comments will not be accepted).

A number of "Badge" readers have been aware of one notable exception from an individual who blatantly attempted to divert discussion from the stories to grab for center stage for herself, demanding that I follow side issues, despite my statement that I will NOT do that. Again, I will NOT follow you elsewhere to discuss anything. IF you follow the same rules as anyone else, your own story can be posted and your comments will be accepted. IF your comments don't conform to the guidelines posted, they will not be accepted. It's really not difficult. I don't appreciate lies about Badge of Honor told elsewhere, but obviously I don't have any power to prevent people from lying. That's a matter for their own consciences. I really don't appreciate people targeting anyone who tells a Badge of Honor story for slander or ridicule. Again, however, it is beyond my power to prevent this kind of unchristlike, juvenile behavior. If you find yourself doing such things, the responsibility is entirely your own; I hope you find your conscience a tormenting companion until you repent and make amends. But whatever your reasons or lack thereof for this kind of misbehavior, remember that I will not permit you to engage in it here at Badge of Honor. That's not a matter of my "not accepting comments"; on the contrary, it is a matter of my enforcing some standards of Christian decency for comments at this venue.

As with nearly all entries, I will accept comments to this entry, so long as they conform to the posted guidelines. Please do not waste your time or mine by submitting comments that don't.


Anonymous said...

This is Twerp. For whatever it's worth, Badge refused one, perhaps two, of my comments. Now I am more familiar with the group guidelines, and think nearly all of my comments from now on should be accepted, because it is fairly easy to follow these guidelines.

Or as Badge said, it really isn't that difficult.

Donna L. Carlaw said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

So have I, Donna, including all the aggressive, judgmental comments you have tried to submit here even though you knew they did not conform to the posted rules. I have said in the original entry all I intend to publicly concerning your ongoing attack on one of the Badge participants.

I do wonder just what about "I will NOT follow you elsewhere to discuss anything" you're finding difficult to understand. Please believe me; you've given me absolutely no reason to desire any dialogue with you, and I will NOT enter into any off this site. You've given me every reason to keep to that decision.

Any further comments you wish to submit here will need to conform to the rules. Since this one almost did, I decided to let it slide, for you brought up an important issue: documentation. Just so you know, I continue to compile it. (Removals don't make public statements go away.)

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

A.N., I am aware of what you commented on and share your concern. However, since your comment dealt only with something not posted here, I'm afraid it doesn't conform to the guidelines and, therefore, is not being published.

To the anonymous commenter (8/13/06): It is obvious who you are, since you submitted the same comment with another ID (now published). Please do not submit identical multiple comments in the future.

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

Submitted by both "anonymous" and "Donna L. Carlaw" on 8/13/2006:


"I have saved copies of almost everything that has been said on your blog.

"Just FYI.

"{Have a good day, and the invitation to dialogue at my place is still open."

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

The drive-by aggression then sneaky removal days later just proves to me it's wise not to accept such a person's "invitations."

Donna, as you're very well aware, I removed my admittedly sarcastic reference (to your many outrageous false public accusations of egalitarians as communists) before you ever complained about the reference, and I removed literally every occurence of the phrase from other people's comments when you nevertheless complained about the original comment that was no more. Furthermore, as you know, I apologized to you for using it in the first place, even though we both know I NEVER mentioned your name. (You're the only person who's connected your name with that nickname, btw.) You SAID you accepted my apology. However, you keep on melodramatically using the nickname and maligning the unnamed "egalitarian" who coined it. So be it. I remain heartily sorry if it caused you any genuine pain, but equally sorry that I gave you fuel beyond your own fanciful inventions for your ongoing rants on your blogs and at CCC and "christianantifeminists" against Christian egalitarians.

For the record, I never really believed you were serious about accepting my apology, anyway. There are way too many instances of insincerity and outright falsehood in the things you write, to make your word at all trustworthy. You give me absolutely no reason to get involved in what passes for "dialogue" at your ever-shifting blogs. Thanks for providing crystal clear evidence there that I would be stupid to allow myself to get sucked into that nonsense. I'm simply not going to do it, now or in the future. Just because I keep forgiving you for all your aggressive threats and false statements about me, doesn't mean it would ever be wise for me to try to build a friendship with someone who considers herself justified in such behavior.

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

Even today, "the nickname" is STILL being used. Ironically, it's on a post about "speak bitterness," emphasizing that Christians ought to let go of their hurts and move on. Sounds like D. is speaking bitterness herself there. Whatever happened to the 70X7 forgiveness she's demanding from everybody else? One would think that after a number of public apologies, she would let go of this. Apparently when there are egalitarians to be smeared, there's no room for the "Jesus way." Odd the way that works.

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

Donna Carlaw CONTINUES to lie about egalitarians over on CCC, and of course, because it tickles their itchy ears, they're lapping it up like cats in the cream...or at least no one is concerned enough about one of their members telling the truth that anyone's rebuked her yet. Here is the proof of her lie in her own words:

If you try to tell me that the Christian egals are pro-life, I will laught [sic] in your face! It's another one of their lies, which are many. --Posted at the CCC forum 8/24/2006.

Every Christian egalitarian who upholds the sanctity of life--and we are many--proves Donna's statement to be an utter lie.

simplegifts3 said...

Donna Carlaw:
"If you try to tell me that the Christian egals are pro-life, I will laught in your face! It's another one of their lies, which are many."

This is Twerp. I have had some exchanges with one of the co-founders of "Feminists for Life." Pat Goltz is her name, and she started a Yahoo board to discuss Terri Schiavo and related cases.

I am not in Feminists for Life, and I don't know what Pat thinks or believes about Chrsitainity, but I met her on this particular board, and I e-mailed her about the Terri Schiavo case, talking about the fact that I thought PVS was a doubtful diagnosis.

She told me in very certain terms that whether or not a person was PVS ought NOT to be a determining factor in the starvation or dehydration of a fellow human being. And she is very anti-abortion as well.

I still have the e-mails. I looked her name on the internet a while back, and found out she's been around for quite a while.

I say this not to discuss RTL issues, but to affirm that there are feminists out there (I don't know where PG stands on the comp/egal issue, though I would think she would be sympathetic to egal ideals), who are doing their utmost to fight not only against abortion, but also "euthanasia."

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

Thank you for posting this comment, SG. Of course, many egalitarians uphold the sanctity of life, as do many complementarians. It's sinful to portray entire groups of Christians so falsely.

I wish I understood this need to lie in order to smear egalitarians. The hatred must go very, very deep. If we were so horribly bad, lies would be totally unnecessary! The problem is if other people actually believe the lies.

And it continues (today, on "christianantifeminists"). Egalitarians don't really practice mutual submission, they don't believe in submitting to anyone: FALSE. Egalitarians' teachings are essentially "she who must be obeyed." FALSE. And there is no excuse. Donna claims to have read numerous books that quite clearly outline biblical equality and biblical mutual submission, so she KNOWS these statements of hers are lies.

I pray that people who read this garbage, permit the Holy Spirit to give them the discernment necessary to recognize the falsehood. I also pray that godly people who are members of these groups will stand up and insist that this member cease lying about those she has declared "enemies."

Sehlat said...

Egals aren't pro-life? HUH!?

I made one of the earliest right-to-life webpages, first set up in 1993. I became an egal in 2001. My web page is still up (although I haven't had the chance to do any updates for a while), and it's not coming down. AFAIC, being pro-life and egalitarian are two parts of the same issue. I don't believe one really can respect the humanity of the child without also respecting the humanity of the woman carrying that child. I'm not saying that to raise the RTL issue, but to point out that Donna really doesn't know what she's talking about.

Simplegifts3: Pat Goltz is a Christian. I had the privilege of meeting her online through a now-defunct mailing list. She has never made a statement about comp/egal issues, but it's a safe bet that she's not a comp.

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

Dear anonymous: I've received several e-mailed reports from you about Donna's continuing comments against egalitarians, on a new blog of her own as well as at CCC. I read your reports and verified them. Yes, her recent writings are full of lies about biblical egalitarians and yes, they appear to be further volleys in her war against her declared "enemies," the "Christian feminists" (her terms). Perhaps with time she will show evidence of the forgiveness she claims she has for egalitarians, by not continuing to spread lies about Christian egalitarians. Meanwhile, I don't want to fuel even more bitter rants by quoting her here. It's no secret that she continues to be obsessed with the wrongs she believes unnamed egalitarians have committed against her. The grudges are obvious. Let her keep them alive herself, if she must, without further help from A Badge of Honor.