Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sytall's Story

I too had the honor of being kicked out of "DailyCross". I am not a Christian and of a different faith. I just want to tell my story to express my views that even as a non-Christian I do not view Fritz as being a valid representative of Christianity.
It is a very poor representation of Christianity, to show fear over a person's belief in another faith. I will repeat myself and say I do not view that site as being represntative of all Christians and understand that you have your share of oddballs just as they exist in my faith.
I know we do have differences, but gentleman of all faiths will disagree with dignity and honor, not with temper tantrums.
I did not initiate any posts promoting my faith. I was simply answering direct questions to me, from members to clear up misconceptions.
Thank You,
sytall (aka Woodrowx2)

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