Friday, June 06, 2008

A Reminder Concerning Comments

I'm glad to receive and approve your comments for this blog, so long as they conform to the expectations I've already posted.

Please, don't tell your own story in a comment on someone else's story. That won't be approved. If you have a comment to make about what someone else has written, however, that is perfectly acceptable and I'll be glad to approve it.

I'm again asking that you edit your own stories. Specifically, you need to edit out the e-mail headings if your story includes an e-mail verbatim and remove redundant sections. Your story is worth telling, but you need to be willing to write and edit it. Three to four paragraphs is a good guideline. Quotes are good, but lengthy transcripts need to be condensed.

I've recently rejected two comments for these reasons. Please consider submitting them on their own merits, in a concise narrative. As always, you should send them to BADGEPOSTMASTER -AT- HOTMAIL -DOT- COM.

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