Friday, July 28, 2006

Attention, Commenters

Since "A Badge of Honor" started life last year as a website, the transition to a blog last month wasn't totally seamless. Comments weren't a part of the original design. Therefore, until people began posting comments (which weren't originally moderated), there wasn't a need for guidelines. Very obviously, now there is a need. So here they are:

1. Comments will be moderated. That is not negotiable. I am the moderator and blog owner. I'm human, just as you are, and I don't make a secret of my biases against systems that promote inequality and the people that advocate such systems. However, I will do my best to utilize guidelines 2 & 3 when deciding whether to publish or reject (Blogspot's terminology) your comments.

2. Comments which will be published include those which:

  • Address what the story actually said, and which are framed respectfully.
  • Engage the writer of that story in further discussion about the events described in the story
  • Offer an alternative point of view in a constructive, respectful manner

3. Comments which will be rejected include those which:

  • Do not address what the story actually said, and/or which are framed disrespectfully.
  • Attempt to create a debate from the story (that's what forums are for) .
  • Constitute only a message to another commenter (that's what e-mail is for)
  • Constitute your own "Badge of Honor" story. Please follow the instructions for submitting your story so that it becomes a blog entry.
  • Criticize the reason for this blog's existence, that existence itself, and/or those who tell their stories for having told them (find a blog or forum designed for that).
  • Complain about my comment moderation, though if you ask me to reconsider something, I will take that request under advisement. I simply won't interrupt the comment flow with your request.

I have already rejected a couple of comments for one or more of these reasons and make no apology for doing so. It is possible that further comment and/or post removals will be made in the very near future.

Thank you for visiting "A Badge of Honor" and for abiding by these guidelines if you choose to comment on a story.


Anonymous said...

Here's a question. What would you make of someone who practically gets kicked off of every Christian community that they join? What if that person comntiues to bring up off topics, would it be the many "Christian communities" that have conspired to give the person a "badge of honor"? Or could it perhaps be simply that *some* people are off their rocker and you are hereby giving them some false matryic crown when what they really may need is some medication...I'm serious. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

I know that someone who could well deserve that reputation has already commented here (has not submitted a story yet). Not surprisingly, several of that person's comments were deleted because they did not meet the criteria.

Likewise, your comment here is dangerously close to criticizing the existence and purpose of this blog. It remains to be seen if my initial reaction of "reject it" is justified. Depending on what you do with my reply here, I may still delete it.

I've already indicated that I don't do a background investigation on people who submit their stories. I do visit the sites, if a link or name is provided and it still exists. Could I be "taken in"? Quite possibly. Could people make comments just to try to derail things and stir things up elsewhere? Yes, and it's already occurred. The same thing could happen with stories. So? Do you shut down a whole forum every time somebody trolls? Do you close a store just because somebody robs it?

So far, I haven't seen evidence that anyone who's told his or her story here, has manufactured a "martyr's crown" out of it. If anyone ever does, that in no way invalidates the purpose of Badge of Honor. I doubt any unchristlike behavior at the offending sites was motivated by "wanting to give someone a badge of honor." I merely named the site that because it *is* a badge of honor to be declared unfit for some of these toxic venues.

The "martyrs" I've encountered so far are still at the sites described here, pitching fits over people simply telling what happened to them on their "Christian" sites. These moderators/owners and the people who participate on their sites and were perfectly content to engage in the behavior described. They just get really unhappy when the word of it gets out.